Interview with Boswa Isekombe Sylvere, Secretary General of the Congolese Communist Party

The free American world wants to know the causes of insecurity in Kivu and the reason for the founding of the communist party in the Congo. Questions with our answers for a clarification.

I. When was the Communist Party founded?

January 17, 2010 is the date of the founding of the Congolese Communist Party. A date which marks the barbarity and bestial cruelty which will always be associated with Belgian and American imperialism, which are responsible for the assassination of our national hero, Patrice Emery Lumumba. It is also a date when Western imperialism assassinated democracy and independence, both political and economic, in the DRC. The birth of a political party was necessary which must continue with Lumumba’s torch of struggle to dare for the real liberation of our country from the yoke of savage imperialists, hence the birth today of the Congolese communist party.

It is a vanguard party which openly fights imperialism and its local agents in the Congo. With the PCCO, the paternalism which degrades man and makes the Congolese politician look like an eternal helpless child must change in the minds of Congolese politicians.

Thus, this date teaches the Congolese people that no one in the world can trust imperialism. This monstrous system must disappear because it is responsible for numerous assassinations and wants to destroy the happiness of any people everywhere. American and European imperialism are the enemies of the happiness of the DRC. We must fight this system until victory.

As Lumumba was assassinated on the idyllic grounds that he was a communist, we the Congolese launched the communist party on the date of his assassination to show international imperialism that Lumumba after his assassination on January 17, 1961 became an idea of the oppressed against imperialism. It was a message that we wanted to launch as a challenge to American and European imperialism that they are wrong to assassinate Lumumba because he became a political philosophy focused on the emancipation of man and the main driving force of the people in our struggles against capitalism. Lumumba becomes a political movement, a school of combat against imperialism, a doctrine of our people to wrest our independence, both political and economic, away from the imperialists. Lumumba remains a project of hope. Faith in man, faith in the country; faith in Africa our motherland, faith in the universal. Lumumba is a global vision of humanity.

We teach Lumumbism as a national ideology to lead our people to free themselves from American and European imperialism. Communism is an authentic ideology for the establishment of socialism in Congo.

As Lumumba frightened imperialism, the PCCO must also frighten the imperialists and their African lackeys, slaves of the politics of domination. The petty bourgeois ideology that the capitalists teach in the Congo must find clear opposition in communism. Thus, an opportunistic upstart bourgeois cannot accept the existence of a communist party in the Congo, hence the visceral hatred of the politically blind against the existence of the PCCO. The party is fighting on several fronts for its confirmation. It is a political party for national destiny.

Westerners assassinated Lumumba because he was indomitable but Lumumbism is a political fact that is impossible to liquidate, which is why no one will be able to liquidate the Congolese communist party. Our vocation is to free the Congolese people from colonial servitude. We are driven by a sublime ideal of carrying Lumumba’s torch of struggle to victory. We also aim to guarantee national independence by safeguarding the vital interests of the country against the harmful aims of imperialist nations.

We are a political party which must necessarily create a society of conscience. We have a mission to erase inequalities. Our members must become as a whole the holders of morality, truth, justice and must firmly embody efficiency. With the PCCO, no imperialist domination will be tolerated in the DRC. Long live communism.

II. What is the party’s perspective on the need to develop productive forces in Congo?

First, we must understand certain truths to be able to understand our answer to this question;

1. Capitalism is the obstacle to human evolution and prevents the development and happiness of our people. Capitalism prevents the emergence of the productive forces of modern society. In the capitalist system, the people live as slaves of the bourgeoisie. Capitalism wants the people to live as parasites. We need a socialist society to free ourselves from savage colonialism. Living in a capitalist system means dying doubly.

2. The PCCO is against international imperialism and state capitalism which currently governs the world whose people live in prison, it is difficult to bring smiles to families. We aim to bring smiles to the lives of our people. Hence our pride in existing as a vanguard party.

3. The PCC advocates a socialist revolution to save the proletarians from capitalist oppression. Capitalism is ruining the lives of citizens; we must fight the capitalist system without any compromises. The laws of the capitalist system prevent the happiness and fulfillment of mankind. Our duty is to free the country’s productive forces from the shackles of wild capitalism. Our mission is to create and innovate to bring happiness to our people.

4. Several tools and means of production are held hostage by the bourgeoisie, so the PCC must teach the people a policy of breaking with capitalism in order to later hope for a just and emancipated society in the heart of Africa.

5. The party’s ideal consists of creating small industries to provide work or employment to Congolese youth and women. The party advocates the creation of agricultural schools and industrial fishing schools to eradicate famine and unemployment. We must start by bringing the people together in the form of a cooperative with small means to create small businesses capable of helping our people take care of themselves.

6. Always teach our youth to love the earth. Several projects are mobilized in the party department in charge of the economy and of agriculture. The party, once mobilizing the means, can launch our projects with a human face.

7. We must then create craft schools whose party officials must be able to create small activities that can help our people smile. Craft schools with the aim of creating several jobs among young people. The communist woman must succeed in production of soap, beauty milks, shoes, home construction, etc.

8. Creation of cutting and sewing schools in order to give work to the unmarried mothers who swarm in our streets, unable to take care of themselves. Teaching our youth and women the policy of learning to create jobs is our political credo.

9. We must purchase several tools for the exploitation of our minerals, fishing, hunting and agricultural tools capable of launching our various projects for the profile of our people.

10. It is unacceptable that the Congo is a boutique of Westerners and their multinationals. Western multinationals are now becoming masters of our society and sometimes make our youth live in slave status in our own nation. We must reverse this way of working in our Congolese society. Ending the policy of exploitation of man by man is our sacred motto. Our people must not continue to live uprooted by wars of aggression manufactured by the West. Wars to bring misery and genocide. There is a humanitarian crisis in areas under the control of foreign armed groups. No one will talk about this in the West because American imperialism loves the Congo but without the Congolese. We must change this political vision with another movement for the benefit of the vital interests of the people. This is our political mission. The PCCO fights imperialism, it is a question of life or death.

11. We must impose on the enemy of the Congo a popular war for the liberation of the Congo from the yokes of the imperialists. The people must have the means to fight. Thus we advocate the policy of marriage between the people and the army to defeat the American project of the balkanization of the Congo.

12. The PCCO is a transitional tool for capitalism to give way to socialism. Militants and cadres must become the agents of change regarding the mutation from capitalism to communism. The PCCO must be the influential center of soil productivity. Our structures must remain a factor in job creation. The party must remain a center for bringing together labor forces and the means of production. The policy of creating small businesses with our small means is our non-negotiable political line.

13. Congolese society is in a crisis of mankind and honor, we are a school of the Renaissance of the honor of our people and the country. We must free our country from the capitalist forces that are the basis of the miseries of our people. We must create a great movement of a society of solidarity between the citizens of our country. We need a political plan for the care of citizens. This plan remains our political secret. Long live the PCCO!

III What is the greatest threat weighing on the Congo today?

Congo is today at the crossroads of terrorist networks, occult forces, multinationals and several heads of state who engage in predatory mining to expose our people to poverty, misery, wandering and genocide.

The Congo is under threat of balkanization. An American plan for a long time but which today becomes a political line of international imperialism, we must fight this. Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, and Museveni of Uganda, are today becoming the police of the White House for the illegal exploitation of Congo’s natural resources. Everyone wants to sabotage the independence and sovereignty of the Congo. Everyone wants to plunder the riches of the Congo.

The UN, the USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, and Belgium are all potential aggressors. Everyone wants a Congo on its knees and deprived of any semblance of a serious state. Paul Kagame plays a major role as the hound of American imperialism in a satanic enterprise to systematically plunder the riches of the Congo and deprive the Congolese government of the means to support its government policy. Paul Kagame is a little stick in the hand that is American imperialism used to strike the DRC. American and European imperialism are our potential aggressors. Rwanda is just part of a proxy war.

The lies and the strategy of chaos is a strategy of imperialism to confuse the trail of its crimes in the Congo. Everyone has Congolese blood. Everyone loves the riches of the Congo but no one likes the Congolese. Hence the Congolese must mobilize to fight the external and internal enemies of the DRC.

The West is not hooded, everyone operates without a mask. No one dares to talk about peace in Congo so as not to lose the wealth stolen from Congo. No organization in the world supports the DRC. The DRC finds itself in the status of orphan child. An orphan does not cry but must fight for his survival, hence the unity of the Congolese people against the balkanization plan is the motive of our political line.

Everyone wants to obtain the wealth of the DRC through violence. UN peacekeepers also engage in the illegal exploitation of Congo’s wealth. They sometimes sell weapons to foreign armed groups in a joint enterprise of illegal exploitation of Congo’s wealth.

The UN is an international disgrace. An organization that has often betrayed the DRC since 1960. What does the UN represent in front of the White House? It is a tool or department of the US government. Shame on the UN.

The EU with its toxic dialectic is opposed to the happiness of the Congolese people. The free convict forcefully condemns the hypocrisy of the international community. The Congo is attacked everywhere, Congolese deaths are not defended and there is no justice for the DRC.

Who finances the Rwandan army as it plunders the riches of the Congo? The USA and the European Union. Those are our real attackers.

Western multinationals under the high authority of the USA, France, Great Britain, and Germany threaten the security of the DRC. The aggression against the DRC is a common strategy between Western countries and certain irresponsible African countries.

The sophisticated weapons which the UN Secretary General had indicated to the world in the ranks of the Rwandan soldiers operating on Congolese soil come from the USA and the European Union. The West wants to resolve its economic crisis via the wealth of the DRC. The strategy is clear, it is necessary to create foreign armed groups to sabotage the DRC.

The USA and the European Union are potential beneficiaries of the illegal trafficking of natural resources from the DRC. Each country in the European Union wants to have its foreign armed groups on Congolese soil, this is the cause of insecurity in Kivu.

Germany, the USA, Belgium, France play the hypocritical game of verbally condemning Rwanda during the day but handing over weapons to the Rwandan soldiers operating in the DRC on the same day. At night, military instructors from the European Union and the USA train Rwandan terrorists in their mission to plunder the riches of the Congo. They want to atomize the DRC. No one will dare talk about international justice for the Congo for fear of being in the bench of the accused. There are crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in Congo but everyone wants the strategy of silence. They are our attackers but they will fail in their evil plan. The Congolese people currently know who their enemies are.

It should be noted that the Paul Kagame regime has always accused France of having participated in the genocide in Rwanda. For Paul Kagame, France had actively participated in the preparation of genocide in Rwanda. Why was there genocide in Rwanda, but Kivu is paying the price today? The genocide in Rwanda was part of a strategy of American imperialism to balkanize the DRC. The DRC is at the heart of a major international conspiracy. The White House is responsible for the insecurity in Kivu.

The Congolese government must not make the wrong target, no one in the European Union or the USA will destroy the fascist Paul Kagame regime which feeds everyone. We must simply change our diplomacy and our political line of military and economic cooperation. We must arm the population against the aggressions towards the Congo. It takes a marriage between the people and the army to crush the Rwandan aggressor supported by the great Western powers. We must inflict defeat on the soldiers of the fascist Paul Kagame.

American imperialism gets the time and period wrong. He is not the only master of global governance. We will defeat the enemies of the Congo because our cause is just.

IV. How can the anti-imperialist movement support the PCCO?

We need the solidarity of free nations liberated from imperialist domination.

The anti-imperialist movement now knows our mission and our problem. Solidarity is a voluntary act of love. No one in the world can refuse a sincere act of solidarity.

We need the proletarians of the world to mobilize for the cause of the Congolese people because we are at the crossroads of the vital interests of the great Western powers. Denounce in several presses the cause of the aggression suffered by the DRC at the hands of the Rwandan soldiers. The picture of our actions is well represented in the second question, we hope to debate this together for the honor of our struggle.

Down with international imperialism. Homeland or death, we will win.

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