What Does the Congolese Communist Party (PCCO) Want?

By Sylvère Boswa Isekombe, Secretary General of the PCCO

The PCCO wants the people to govern.

Let the people control the political life and institutions of the country. The party’s political program is to promote direct democracy to get rid of a rotten political class full of agents of Western imperialism.

With direct democracy, power to the people, we will dismantle the old political class that is the slave of international imperialism. The enemy is known: American imperialism and its European and African lackeys. The people must unite as a single bloc against imperialist domination.

Our strategy is to take health, agriculture, education, and the army as the basis of our action for the benefit of the people.

The people are constituted as a militia to defend the nation against the US-Rwandan-Ugandan aggression that began on August 2, 1998. The PCCO defends the Congolese resistance fighters as the formation of a people’s army. Prioritizing military affairs is part of the axis of our political program for the liberation of Congo.

We are for cooperation with just countries, i.e. progressive nations like Cuba, China, Venezuela, Brazil, Algeria, South Africa, Namibia, and others, to launch the DRC into the orbit of developed countries. We advocate direct cooperation with BRICS nations to trigger economic independence. We have a political program focused on the liberation of the Congo from the yoke of the imperialists. The people are at the center of our politics.

We will have to set up a program on agriculture. Feed the people to drive out youth unemployment and annihilate the phenomenon of famine in the country. We want industrialized agriculture to save the country. PCCO’s elected representatives are the actors of development. They will be with farmers to revive the process of an agricultural cooperative to solve the problem of hunger and unemployment. Industrialized agriculture is a solution for the Congolese people. We advocate cooperation with countries such as Vietnam, China, but also European and American countries to revive agriculture in Congo.

Education is a priority since illiteracy is a hindrance to the revolution. Cuba’s literacy program must remain a model to be taken up by our deputies and applied here in the DRC to drive out ignorance among our people. The PCCO advocates a strategic alliance between the scientific world and politics for the sustainable development of the DRC. Military schools and agricultural schools must be established throughout the Congo.

In a synergy of action, we are working with several political parties, resistance fighters, and patriots in a united front to constitute a significant force to launch our social project for the benefit of the Congolese people.

Our strategy in parliament will be to empower the people everywhere to act against their enemies. The political podium in parliament is a way to save our people and to give credit to the party among the masses of the people. The PCCO is a significant force because it knows its objectives for the liberation of the Congo.

(Translated into English from the original French on the PCCO website here.)

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