A History of Development Theory Before Neoliberalism

Professor Wilma Dunaway wrote this manuscript for her class as teaching material in the late ’80s when no such material existed. However, due to the changing priorities in the research, the manuscript did not get to be published as a book.

We consider this book to be essential for everyone who is trying to understand the basic fundamentals of different theories of development; their origin and history, and how different schools of thought relate to each other.

We reproduce the table of contents with links to individual chapters.


Part I: Legitimating the Capitalist Civilizational Project: The Structural Reform Paradigm

Chapter 1 The American Rivalry for Hegemony: The Mystification of Developmentalism

Chapter 2 The European Myth of Planned Change: Neo-Institutionalism

Chapter 3 Third World Demands for a Fairer Share: The Latin American Myth of Structural Reform

Chapter 4 A Theoretical and Methodological Critique of the Structural Reform Paradigm

Part II: Attacking the Capitalist Civilizational Project:

The Revolutionary Change Paradigm

Chapter 5 Emergence of a Civilizational Counter-Myth: The Orthodox Marxist Model of Modernization

Chapter 6 Dependency and Underdevelopment: The Neo-Marxist Civilizational Myth

Chapter 7 Revising the Neo-Marxist Civilizational Myth: Dependent Development Theories

Chapter 8 Formulating a Myth of Civilizational Coexistence: Articulation of Modes of Production

Chapter 9 The World as Unit of Analysis: Uneven Capital Accumulation, Peripheral Capitalism and the Aristocracy of Labor

Chapter 10 Capitalism as Worldwide Historical System: World-Systems Analysis

Chapter 11 A Theoretical and Methodological Critique of the Revolutionary Change Paradigm


Copyrighted unpublished book manuscript, Wilma Dunaway (1992)

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